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Off-Road Areas


Winter Fun Fest
Oceano Dunes
Cow Mountain
Bassi Falls
Deer Valley
Sierra Trek
Hollister Hills
Kids on Rocks
Prairie City
Slick Rock
Signal Peak
Dusy Ershim

Spider Lake Clean UP



Land Use Form










The links to the left are just some of the Off-Road areas our club enjoys throughout the year.  We try to make on at least on trip a month and at least two a month during the summer months. 

Enjoy viewing the information on these trips.  If you have any other Off-Road sites and trips that you have enjoyed please let us know so we can check the areas out.

If you know of any links and web pages posting information on these areas please let us know.   

Here are some pages for you to check out on some awesome Trails:

Clear Creek Management Area

Trail Report - Usal Road

CA Hwy. 168 trails page

CA Hwy. 108 trails page

Lake Pillsbury Run

Got Trails

Deer Valley (Blue Lakes Run)

Deer Valley (Blue Lakes Run) Page 2

A Weekend in the Sierra's

CA Hwy. 4 trails page


Bassi Falls Trail Guide and Pics

Slickrock/Deer Valley/Strawberry Trails

Outdoor Wire