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Bassi Falls



Spider Lake Clean UP



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The trail is located off of Ice House road in between highway 50 and Loon lake. The detailed directions have been removed at the request of my fellow Pirate web site junkies in an attempt to cut down on the traffic on the trail. This trail sees alot of use and "clean up" runs aren't uncommon (like ours in June of this year.... see roll call at end of guide...) If you would like better instructions on getting there please e-mail me at the pirate site (link below..) Sorry for the inconvenience but it's a neccessary evil in order to keep the trails open.....

The Bassi Falls trail is an easy trail with two moderate obstacles and runs 2 miles up to the falls (4 miles round trip...). Any stock 4 wheel drive vehicle will have no problems making it, and it offers plenty of terrain for people looking for more of a challenge. I've seen a Toyota 4 wheel drive van and even a baja bug up at the falls. Once at the "staging area" you can go straight to a nice downhill section or take the trail to the right and down towards the campsites. In either case you will eventually end up at the first obstacle.


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Here are some Maps of the area:

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